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Dear Diabetes Sufferer,

First of all, congratulations on reading this FREE guide! You’re going to discover how to avoid years of misery and frustration – the same misery and frustration millions of Americans suffer every day because they don’t have this seldom discussed information right in front of them like you do right now!

Type 2 Diabetes  is a serious epidemic that is sweeping America as we speak. Many of your family, friends, and co-workers will experience the same diabetes problems at night as you do because of a number of factors including lack of appropriate knowledge and personalized care.

That’s why this  guide  was written… so  keep  reading to   find  out  what  many  doctors   overlook when treating your diabetes. The truth WILL shock you!

Reading this FREE guide may be one of the most important things you’ve read this year. Why? Because finally, an authority on the underlying health conditions  and weight gain leading to your diabetes is breaking his silence and revealing the shocking truth about this problem that most doctors overlook! The information in this guide is vital if you want to avoid years of increasing agony, misery, and frustration. So please read this report from beginning to end. It may end up saving your life as you know it right now!

You see, what’s so dangerous about type 2 diabetes is that it’s not an injury like a broken bone or a cut or scrape you notice right away…  Type 2 Diabetes usually comes on slowly and is known as the “silent killer”.  You may not feel well, or maybe you just brush off the problem thinking it’s nothing, and then it slowly your symptoms get worse and worse. You become more irritable, constantly thirsty, fatigued, frequent urination, your vision starts acting funny, you may be hungry all the time, you may be gaining weight and start to feel as if something may really be wrong with you.

And then one day you realize you just aren’t the same person you used to be. And that’s when you go to your family doctor to get checked out, the doctor runs some tests and delivers the bad news that you are diabetic and you will need to take medication.

You may be reading this and already have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and have been given medications already and have noticed that despite all your doctors efforts and yours to keep your blood sugar down, you end up having to take more and more medication to keep your blood sugar down or even the increased medication may not even be working well.

If your family or HMO doctor has diagnosed you with type 2 diabetes and his treatment for your condition was  “here try these meds and if they don’t work, we can increase the dosage or try some other medication”  and you are experiencing side effects of the medication or you don’t like having to take the medication for the rest of your life or the amount of medication you are given keeps increasing and your doctor hasn’t given you specific dietary, nutritional, or weight loss instructions…then a blaring alarm should go off in your mind.  Have you seen or felt the side-effects for the latest medication for diabetes?  How many different medications have YOU tried for diabetes???

This is a blaring alarm that your doctor may not be the only person to talk to. You see, most doctors do great with general medicine. If you have an ear infection or the flu, medical science can do wonders! But when it comes to a condition like type 2 diabetes, many doctors just give you medications and send you on your way without explaining to you exactly all the things you could be doing in detail to help yourself.  Most of them are trained to diagnose high blood sugar and prescribe metformin, glypizide, lantos, etc…and most totally overlook the underlying health conditions and weight gain when it comes to your diabetes.


Type 2 diabetes is a tricky condition. You see, there is more than just one organ in your body that helps regulate your blood sugar, more than just your pancreas.  Some of those organs – like your liver, thyroid and adrenal glands – can all be improved by making changes to your health very easily!  What I am talking about is the type 2 diabetes that does not seem to have a known cause.  Every day, thousands of type 2 diabetes sufferers make the mistake of going to their family doctors and relying on diabetes drugs as their ONLY treatment because they don’t have the information you’re about to read.

Going to your family doctor is very important, but taking medications as your only strategy for keeping your blood sugar numbers down may result in your diabetes becoming more severe, and worse yet, you may never get rid of the problem.  Don’t put yourself at risk for misery, suffering, and living a low quality of life and risking losing your eyesight, losing toes or feet, ending up with kidney damage and just plain feeling tired and crappy for the rest of your life.

Here Are The Dark Secrets About Type 2 Diabetes Medications

The main problem with the treatments most doctors prescribe for Type 2 Diabetes is that they never go after the root of the problem, but focus on the symptoms. And when the medications lose effectiveness, you’ll often find they only cover up your problem for a short time and did nothing to fix what’s causing your diabetes in the first place.

Doctors give their patients  medications like metformin, glyburide, glypizide, lantus, actos byetta, avandia, etc…


1. Type 2 diabetes is your body’s way of telling you that there
is something wrong.

If you are taking pills and/or shots so you can lower your blood sugar, and you are experiencing nausea, stomach pain, altered desire to eat, swelling, vision problems, or you just don’t feel good, you may be working against yourself when it comes to feeling good, having energy and being healthy. Obviously, this form of treatment is not a permanent fix because no matter how many pills you take or injections you have, you’ll never reverse your condition!

2. These pills can cause dangerous side effects like symptoms of heart failure and liver damage, vision problems, difficulty breathing, chest pain, headaches, vomiting, stomach pain, back pain…the list is long!

So, if your doctor is treating you by diabetes meds alone

YOUR Doctor’s Treatment Could Be Allowing Your Problem To Get Worse!

Since none of the treatments your doctor may be giving you are meant to actually correct the true cause of your problem or address your weight problems, logic says your condition will only get worse. If you’re like most of the long-term type 2 diabetes sufferers I’ve treated, your life has probably become less than it should be.

OK, so you’ve done the pills. What’s next? Not MUCH!

Fortunately for you, if your doctor’s treatments aren’t the most desirable or working like you want them to, it doesn’t mean you’re hopeless…it just means your doctor wasn’t doing everything they could to help you!  The majority of doctors out there tend to get so sidetracked with focusing on the pancreas function, blood sugar numbers and HA1c tests that they overlook something so incredibly obvious it will shock you!

You see, in order for your blood sugar to stabilize or even improve, you have to know that your body has more than just your pancreas to balance your blood sugar…there are multiple organs and factors in your body that help regulate your blood sugar.

The weird thing about type 2 diabetes treatment is that typical treatment totally misses the other organs and factors involved!

I know this may come as a shock to you, but imagine this: If the REAL cause of your weight gain and type 2 diabetes were to be found to be treatable or modifiable…then yes, your blood sugar numbers could improve and could even return to normal.

Imagine how your life could change. You could reduce the amount of  those diabetes pills and possibly not have to take them anymore!  You could  have to worry less about all of the side-effects that go along with the meds.

I invite you to relax, close your eyes, and picture in your mind a night and the following day without your bothersome type 2 diabetes pills or injections, a day where you could do whatever you want and not worry about what you can or can’t eat.  Your blood sugar readings in the morning were normal, and you are so FULL of energy!

Can you picture that image in your head? What favorite activity are you doing? How healthy and happy do you look? Who are you spending this time with?

Isn’t a moment like this what life is all about?

How would you like to make that fantasy into your reality? How would you like to, once and for all, stop your blood sugar numbers from rising, reverse your numbers and symptoms and all that goes with it? No more reduced life, no more worsening of your neuropathy, no more blurry vision, no more fatigue, no more overweight frustration…just a happy, enjoyable, worry-free life.

Hello.  My name is Dr. James Martin D.C.

I’ve spent years helping patients who suffer from chronic weight problems and type 2 diabetes discover the truth about their problem and also improve and reverse rising blood sugar numbers naturally without any drugs!

That’s why I put together this valuable, FREE guide. Frankly, I got sick and tired of seeing people just like you suffering through a lifetime of misery because no one ever bothered to reveal to them the truth about their underlying health conditions and weight gain leading to diabetes!

In fact, since I’ve been helping people just like you lose weight to improve their health and have a significant impact on their blood sugar numbers, I’ve focused a majority of my practice and skills at helping patients with weight problems and diabetic conditions!

There is really nothing more pleasing than helping people just like you finally stop the frustrating rise of your blood sugar despite all the medications and guidance from your family doctor.

That’s why I provide this FREE guide. I want you to know the truth about the underlying health conditions that lead to type 2 diabetes, that almost everyone out there doesn’t seem to want to address. Because I know that chances are great that I can stop your rising blood sugar numbers and even reverse your condition.

If you’re suffering from constant, bothersome type 2 diabetes symptoms, weight gain and rising blood sugar numbers that you don’t want to get worse, then there is hope for you to stop your rising blood sugar problem once and for all!

In fact, I’ve helped design a quick and easy Type 2 Diabetes Health Restoration and Weight Loss Evaluation that can determine where your problem is REALLY coming from. In fact, doctors all over the country are now using this method to help type 2 diabetes sufferers from all walks of life.

But, I have to warn you… It’s in your best interest to get your condition evaluated right now because later on, if you procrastinate on this, your condition might deteriorate to the point where I can’t help you. You may lose toes, feet, damage your kidneys beyond repair or lose vision.

My FREE Type 2 Diabetic Health Restoration and Weight Loss EVALUATION Is The Best Way To Find Out What’s REALLY

Causing Your Problem!

If you are currently suffering from type 2 diabetes, don’t procrastinate, just call the office, come on in, and you can get a FREE EVALUATION.


The FREE Evaluation is a series of easy questions that help determine:

1.            What is the true cause of your weight gain and diabetes problem?

2.        Will it get worse in the future?

3.        Is there a way of helping you lose weight, lower your blood sugar numbers and restore your health quickly and easily?

The evaluation is quick, easy and, most importantly will help us determine if you are a candidate for our type 2 diabetic health restoration and weight loss treatment.

What’s important is that you take a moment now to schedule your EVALUATION, and as I said before, the sooner the better.

If your problem worsens, it may be more difficult to evaluate, and you may end up with serious irreversible problems. So get this evaluation soon.

If time is a problem, we can schedule you at a time convenient for you. (When was the last time a doctor told you this?)  How can we do this? Again, the test itself is quick (and easy), so we can most likely fit you in our schedule soon.

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 is USUALLY caused by up to four organs in the body losing their optimal function and weight gain that leads to type 2 diabetes.
One of these organs acts as an important filter, one acts to create powerful blood sugar balancing hormones, another regulates body metabolism and weight….none of which is the PANCREAS that everyone focuses on!

Due To The Constant Monthly Interest In This Free Community

Service, This No Obligation, FREE Type 2 Weight Loss And Health Restoration EVALUATION Will Be Available To You Free Only If You ASK FOR THE INTERNET DIABETES SCREENING.

I hope you’ve benefited from discovering the truth about Type 2 diabetes and the underlying health conditions and weight concerns that lead to this debilitation disease that, believe it or not, most doctors overlook or fail to help you achieve results with. So get this free second opinion before it’s too late!

Remember, you have to ask for the “FREE Internet Diabetes Screening” to schedule your FREE  EVALUATION.  If you don’t mention it, we probably won’t be able to see you.

Congratulations on taking responsibility for your own welfare!  I look forward to helping you, just as I have helped many others!



Dr. James Martin D.C.

P.S. –  You must call 916-550-9895 and ask specifically for your Type 2 Diabetes Weight Loss And Health Restoration Evaluation to be FREE.  (Worth $240.00)

P.S.S. –  Of course, if you have any questions, give us a call.  We’ll address your concerns or answer any questions you have about your condition, and then you can decide if you want us to look at your problem.

NOTE: Dr. Martin does does not diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions.  Dr. Martin does not replace your medical advice or treatment from your medical doctor…rather he performs extensive testing to identify dysfunctional health patterns and provide support with natural substances and dietary changes to change your health naturally.